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Synonyms for sampling

items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population

measurement at regular intervals of the amplitude of a varying waveform (in order to convert it to digital form)

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A Law and Economics Analysis of Digital Sampling, 33 FLA.
The history of digital sampling can be traced to 1960's Jamaica, an era in which Disc Jockeys, known as selectors, popularized the use of mixing various types of music to create a distinct sound, a modern form of ancestor worship.
A 20 GHz digital sampling oscilloscope is used to acquire the data.
Dunckel and partner Nicolas Godin were art students when they developed a mutual interest in the French house scene and began tinkering with electronics and digital sampling.
Digital sampling of the real world is exploding in the consumer space with digital photography, digital audio (think of all the MP3 files on the web), and the emergence of streaming video.
According to NedGraphics, Vision Carpet Studio has been designed "for ease of use and design flexibility and to meet all professional requirements in the fields of design, coloration, color matching, digital sampling, 3-D presentation and production.
Their synthesizers, rhythm machines, and loops in effect presaged the digital sampling technology of the mid '80s and all that ensued.
The art of digital sampling in (primarily) African American hip hop is intricately connected to an African American/African diasporic aesthetic which carefully selects available media, texts, and contexts for performative use.
At NACDS, we found that senior executives were receptive to the best-practices digital sampling solutions that StartSampling offers.
NORAIS 2 is KONGSBERG's third generation SAT-AIS receiver and contains new hardware featuring large mass memory for digital sampling, higher sensitivity and better robustness against interferers", says Frode Storesund, Project manager, Kongsberg Seatex AS.
today announced the debut of two new digital sampling keyboards - the CTK-2090 and LK-175V.
The Xprotolab Portable continuously samples to a circular buffer, giving the ability to show samples before or after the trigger - one of the most powerful features of this digital sampling oscilloscope.
Considering several of the familiar arguments about appropriation, authenticity, fairness, and artistic integrity, he illuminates a complex landscape of conflicting and competing issues surrounding the practice of digital sampling.
Part I of this note will define and explain the digital sampling process and summarize the historical background and popularization of digital sampling and rap music.
A NIST scientist working with staff from Ohio University, examined how time-base distortion causes nonlinear distortion of the electrical waveforms measured by digital sampling instruments, such as digital voltmeters and multimeters, sampling waveform recorders and oscilloscopes.
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