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a photographic method that stores the image digitally for later reproduction

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Kodak Launches EasyShare W1020 and W820 Digital Photo Frames II-4
We like to provide digital photos and have always tried to insist that digital photos not only establish quality of paper, but that they also establish the bale integrity.
A complete line of Avery Digital Photo Paper products will be introduced in the United States, Canada, and European markets during the first quarter of 2003.
MDI, an innovative consumer electronics company based in Silicon Valley, announced today that it is now providing Waterford Crystal and Vera Wang digital photo frames to consumers through many premium retailers in North America, including Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon.
44-inch digital photo screen with the photos automatically playing as a slideshow of treasured memories.
According to the report, CCID Consulting believes that China's digital photo frame will continue to develop rapidly over the next few years.
In order to find out what US consumers are thinking about digital photo frames, In-Stat fielded a survey to its proprietary Technology Adoption Panel (TAP) in November 2008 regarding their attitudes and behaviors toward digital photo frames.
Pandigital Digital Photo Frame Battery Pack: The battery provides up to three hours of viewing time.
With in-store product availability planned to coincide with the Father's Day and Graduation shopping season, US consumers visiting their local Staples retail store will be able to purchase a CEIVA Digital Photo Frame for the first time ever in an office superstore location.
With this feature, friends and family can send holiday and birthday cards as well as event invitations straight to the Wireless PIXXA digital photo frame.
The Taiwanese digital photo frame industry has begun rapid growth as leading international vendors and distributors started to outsource some production to Taiwanese ODM/OEM providers, thereby strengthening of the Taiwanese digital photo frame manufacturing industry's supply chain.
The Pandigital 15-inch Digital Photo Frame is multimedia ready; it can play back MPEG 1, MPEG 4 & AVI video clips.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- (PDN PhotoPlus Expo #1018) Sony Electronics today added two new models to its family of S-Frame digital photo frames -- including the company's first 10-inch model here at the PhotoPlus Expo trade show.
com/research/d30eb2/wifi_represents_s) has announced the addition of the "Wi-Fi Represents Strongest Opportunity in Global Connected Digital Photo Frame Market" report to their offering.
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