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(trademark) a pocket-sized device used to play music files

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We are offering the consumer a great value -- buy one of the coolest Digital Music Players on the market and receive up to 10 of your favorite songs, for free.
The Gateway Digital Music Player marks significant progress in Gateway's evolution into a branded integrator -- a marketer of digital gear that works together.
However, given the wide array of digital music players in use, and the thousands of different car stereo configurations that exist, connecting those devices to a car stereo system and getting the best results can sometimes be a challenging task for the average consumer.
The portable digital music players are expected to have retail prices ranging from about 15,000 yen to 29,000 yen.
Founder and CEO Bill Stensrud says, "In the past, all digital music players were designed for pop music fans.
The original agreement for HP to sell the iPod, reportedly the world's most popular digital music player, was formed in 2004 with the previous chief executive of HP.
launches the m:robe 500, a digital music player with a built-in digital camera.
Starting summer 2004, HP will begin selling a digital music player based on the Apple iPod.
Modern design, and the easy-to-use phone comes with an FM radio, digital music player, Internet access and games.
com, reported that shipments of iPods, the portable digital music player, appeared to be ``flat or declining'' this month, and that the product was ``overstocked.
Wireless Digital Music Player (MP101) Receives Praise for Ease-of-Setup and Use, Easy-to-Read Display, and Good Sound Quality
During 2006, Soundcast introduced iCast and AudioCast, which offered the consumer a convenient, wireless way to link a digital music player and home stereo system without running wires and drilling holes in the walls.
This multimedia handheld device comes with Bluetooth wireless technology, Windows applications and a digital music player.
Wireless Digital Music Player (MP101) Selected Tops In Round-Up of Wireless Music Players For Easy Configuration, Easy-to-Read Display and Support for Real Rhapsody(R) Service
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