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a cabinet containing an automatic record player

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Aloft Cupertino, has begun featuring a digital media hub in all 123 guestrooms.
Cardiff is already a digital media hub and a financial centre and these improvements will allow Cardiff to expand further in these and other areas.
Today, with the joint venture with Gazillion our company is charting new growth in the creation of digital media content and technologies, which champions Abu Dhabi's sustainable development vision and transformation into a global digital media hub," said Mohamed Khalaf Al Mazrouei, Chairman of ADMC.
With a need for a model for "tomorrow's work, live and learn urban environment" identified by the Eastside Media Quarter, the charter said the city needed to aim for its own version of Dublin's Digital Media Hub and Manchester's Knowledge Quarter.
Building a Myth TV digital media hub that allows you to record television, watch videos, listen to music, are even play classic arcade games --Editing audio, video, and images, using both command-line and GUI tools, all of them free
However Mr Bushnell admitted this week that establishing a digital media hub locally was still a long way off.
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