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Synonyms for label

Synonyms for label

an identifying or descriptive slip


a name or other device placed on merchandise to signify its ownership or manufacture

to attach a ticket to

to set off by or as if by a mark indicating ownership or manufacture

to describe with a word or term

Synonyms for label

a brief description given for purposes of identification

Related Words

trade name of a company that produces musical recordings

a radioactive isotope that is used in a compound in order to trace the mechanism of a chemical reaction

Related Words

an identifying or descriptive marker that is attached to an object

attach a tag or label to

distinguish (as a compound or molecule) by introducing a labeled atom

distinguish (an element or atom) by using a radioactive isotope or an isotope of unusual mass for tracing through chemical reactions

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Middleton Printing has helped us to do just that, by providing us with labels with great image quality, produced by the Epson SurePress digital label press.
Folex is showing a wide range of specialty media for digital label printing, including newly developed films for all laser printing, HP Indigo, and inkjet printing methods using high-performance coatings.
Xeikon unveiled at Labelexpo what the company says is the most important advancement for the digital label market in 15 years, the Xeikon Cheetah digital color press.
Perhaps the single biggest trend that's driving the acceptance of digital label printing is the increasing demand for short-run jobs due to the proliferation of SKUs.
The digital label company has been active for about six months, and its website offers online quotes and ordering.
The desktop iTech AXXIS Digital Label System--the iTech AXXIS Digital Label Printer and the iTech AXXIS Digital Label Finisher--from Allen Datagraph Systems Inc.
The Digital Label Summit returned to Barcelona, Spain, for its second installment in June of this year.
Within 15 minutes, distributors can sign up and offer digital labels on their website with accurate live pricing.
According to Natalie Menzies-Spradler, Ample's vice president, digital labels are of high quality and are cost effective, and can be delivered in days.
Waterless offset printing is popular in the California wine market, and the Viva 420 rounds out the converter's production floor already capable of printing flexographic and digital labels, folding cartons and signs for a variety of market verticals.
now representing ROTOCONTROL and LeoMat leading edge finishing machines for inspection, slitting, rewinding, die cutting, overprinting, digital labels and booklet labels in the United Arab Emirates.
Our new online ordering system is a quick, easy way for our clients to order digital labels for their products.
People who have had highly satisfying, or even life-altering, experiences with a particular product can "tell their story" on a variety of digital labels or packages.
Durst's inkjet system for digital labels employs Spartanics laser finishing technology that allow maximum flexibility in finishing and facilitates lean label manufacturing, going from digital file to finished product in a single production step.
The new Tau LFS 330 UV Inkjet Digital Label Press from Durst is a complete workflow system for digital labels and specialty packaging, which complements the manufacturers flagship digital press, the Tau 330.
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