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a cabinet containing an automatic record player

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Ecast Announces Early Success With the Jeep Compass Interactive Digital Jukebox Campaign
But it's pricey at pounds 500 and a digital jukebox, such as the Creative on this page, will do the same job, and more, for the money.
Starting today, Beck fans can text message BECK to 40411 to find the nearest participating TouchTunes digital jukebox location.
All offer the dual capability of broadband and dial-up data connectivity, so that a TouchTunes digital jukebox can be installed in any location with an electrical outlet and a phone jack.
We are pioneers in the digital jukebox industry, and we continue in that tradition as demonstrated by the many innovative products, services and ideas that we are highlighting at this show.
The first such interactive, music-on-demand application is its digital jukebox.
AMI Entertainment is a business unit of Rowe International, responsible for its digital jukebox network.
The wireless data collaboration between the three companies allows Ecast's digital jukebox customers to access its online music network through AirLink's Raven Ethernet (Raven-E) EV-DO modems.
New Partnership Delivers Customized iPod Integration and PhatNoise's Award-Winning Digital Jukebox System to Volvo Cars
BERLIN -- Producing big sound from a small device, the new Sansa(TM) Base Station from SanDisk(R) Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK) enables a Sansa MP3 player to become a digital jukebox and play hours of music through a home stereo system or externally-powered PC speaker set.
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