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Synonyms for image

Synonyms for image

something that is reflected


one exactly resembling another

the character projected or given by someone to the public

that which exists in the mind as the product of careful mental activity

to copy (another) slavishly

to send back or form an image of

Synonyms for image

(Jungian psychology) a personal facade that one presents to the world

a standard or typical example

someone who closely resembles a famous person (especially an actor)

(mathematics) the set of values of the dependent variable for which a function is defined

the general impression that something (a person or organization or product) presents to the public

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a representation of a person (especially in the form of sculpture)

render visible, as by means of MRI

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However, many individuals in the legal community fear the potential abuse and manipulation of digital images.
By converting a movie's frames into a sequence of digital images, it's possible to use a computer to detect and repair scratches and dust spots on a given frame by comparing it to adjacent frames and copying image information from intact areas.
The integrity of the digital image is judged as the degree to which it accurately represents its subject.
10 is a powerful product on its own, but when it is paired with Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006, home users have access to an extremely robust photo- and video-editing solution.
Many digital photographers do not know how to correctly select the optimal radius, amount, and threshold for sharpening their digital images and frequently over- or under-sharpen them.
Under the agreement, Precision Digital Images will take the technology from the research lab to manufacture an OEM product and a MVP development kit.
CONTACT: Lew Larson of Precision Digital Images, 206-882-0218; or Candy Young of Young & Company, 206-869-8333, for Precision Digital Systems/
We wanted to go with Xytech Systems because they are the leading industry-standard solution for tracking times and costs and had a flexible approach to workflow management," said Robin Melhuish, Director of Production, DTS Digital Images.
While Corel's Photo Album 6 offers more than a dozen ways to share photos, consumers can also utilize additional techniques to make their Mother's and Father's Day special using only their home computer and the digital images on their hard drive.
This innovative kiosk uses high speed and high capacity dye-sublimation printers that allows consumers to print their digital images in as little as four seconds per 4x6 print.
While Corel's Photo Album 6 offers more than 20 ways to share photos, other methods are available to anyone with a home computer and digital images, including:
NASDAQ:DTSI) announced today that Lowry Digital Images has officially changed its name to DTS Digital Images.
Nasdaq:DTSI) today announced the appointment of Bill Neighbors as Vice President and General Manager of Lowry Digital Images (LDI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of DTS and innovator in imaging enhancement and restoration.
Digital cameras will continue to be the largest generator of digital images despite the greater forecasted proliferation of camera phones.
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