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Hundreds of I/O Interface Options -- Atlas Universal Digital Computers take advantage of the wide offering of industry-standard, third-party I/O interface modules.
At only $12,000 per unit, an Atlas Universal Digital Computer is the most cost-effective solution for many applications," Verhulst added.
In an Atlas Universal Digital Computer populated with two ADSP21160 processors, the 80 MHz DMA links are capable of transferring 160 MB/s per channel for each of the processor's six channels, or a total of 960 MB/s for each processor.
Ultimately, the Jabil R/3 system will use an Informix database on Unix-based Digital computers.
NYSE:DEC) to provide spare parts support for Digital computers and printers.
Using a 2200 server running the LEMS application, DCI quickly collects data not only from its own files but from those maintained by other local and national law enforcement networks -- regardless of who manufactures the equipment used by the various agencies -- and delivers the information to more than 1,000 workstations and 300 mobile digital computers in police stations and vehicles around the state.
For example, real-time, fly-by-wire systems have to integrate flight controls, digital computers, analog sensors, engines and control surface actuators.
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