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a portable television camera and videocassette recorder

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When actively reading and writing data, Samsung's SSD technology consumes approximately 1/8th of the power of a comparable HDD This new high-definition digital camcorder clearly speaks to Samsung's commitment to providing today's consumers with the most advanced and highest-performing digital imaging technology", added Modak.
To date, CMOS image sensors have not had the technical capability to compete in the digital camcorder market; CCDs have dominated this entire market segment.
3%) PC Gamers 77M 113M DVR 1M 14M Digital TV in Homes 20% 45% Source: IDC Digital Still Camera 13% Digital Still Camera & Analog Camcorder 10% Digital Still Camera & Digital Camcorder 3% Digital Still Camera & Analog Camcorder & Digital Camcorder 6% Analog Camcorder 12% Digital Camcorder 1% Analog Camcorder Digital Camcorder 1% None 54% N=500 Source: IDC, 2003 Note: Table made from pie chart.
Finally it acts as a digital camcorder to take continuous mode footage which can be uploaded and processed as a video clip complete with on-screen titles, voice-overs or music from your favourite CDs.
Your JVC Digital Camcorder boasts 800,000 CCD with 520-line resolution; UXGA still images (1.
Quantity: specialized panel to the display wall - 12 pcs, image management equipment and video walls - 3 PCs, digital camcorder - 50 pcs, hardware and software system for storing and displaying information -1sht, peripheral equipment for connecting camcorders - 25 pc
com, comes equipped with a DVD-RW drive; Sony's exclusive XBRITE display technology for crisp, vivid video playback; and Click to DVD software for one-click conversion of digital camcorder footage to professional quality DVDs.
Users can also view videos that were originally recorded on either an analog or digital camcorder and then transferred to a DVD video recorder, and saved to DVD-R discs.
The world's first wireless digital camcorder utilizing ultrawideband technology, based on Samsung's SC-D365, seamlessly displays video clips sent over a Wireless USB link.
1-million pixel DCR-PC300K miniDV digital camcorder.
Studio DV lets users transfer digital video from a digital camcorder to their PC.
Despite occupying the true entry-level tier of Canon's DVD Digital camcorder line, the DC210 DVD Camcorder actually offers users a phenomenally feature-packed camcorder so users can enjoy the superior quality and innovation of Canon optics in a DVD camcorder.
NHJ's D'zign is an astonishingly cheap 1,920,000-pixel MPEG-4 digital camcorder.
Studio DV video editing software lets users transfer digital video from a digital camcorder to their PC.
Affordable RCA Digital Camcorder Now Records 60 Minutes of Video, Perfect for Spontaneous Holiday Moments