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Synonyms for caliper

measure the diameter of something with calipers

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The overall market size was determined by estimating revenue from the sales of digital calipers worldwide.
Traceable Digital Calipers measure length/diameter two ways: outside and inside.
I started with dial calipers and as soon as possible graduated to Electronic Digital Calipers.
Each fish was measured using digital calipers to determine standard length, weighed, and then snap frozen on dry ice.
The larger, remaining portion of the original sample already has gone on to the pile height station, with its magnified images and digital calipers.
Labtronics released Collect CE and BalanceTalk CE, Windows CE software that collects data from RS232-based instruments such as balances, pH meters and digital calipers .
Traceable digital calipers make length/diameter measurements outside, inside, and depth.
It can interface with digital calipers or weigh scales to correlate process data and part attributes.
Commenting on the report, an analyst said: "It has been observed that the adoption of digital calipers is increasing across several industries.
Mahr Federal has introduced the next generation of waterproof digital calipers with the new MarCal 16 EWR.
The range includes digital calipers with a starting price of [pounds sterling]24 + VAT accurate according to DIN 862, made from hardened stainless steel and with a large LCD display.