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Synonyms for caliper

measure the diameter of something with calipers

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I started with dial calipers and as soon as possible graduated to Electronic Digital Calipers.
fixed 45[degrees] pivoting double miter saw used with an 8-ft Tigerstop and Pro Panel Digital Caliper.
The IP67-rated SuperSolar digital caliper is designed for ease of use, convenience and shop hardness.
Tenders are invited for Digital Caliper Model : 1108-300 With Calibration Certificate As Per Specefication Atteched.
Vernier caliper / Digital caliper,Micrometer screw gauge,Meter Bridge,Potentiometer,Thermocouple,Searle%s thermal conductivity apparatus,Stroke%s method for coefficient,Surface Tension,Boyle%s Law verification Glass Prism,Bunsen%s photo meter,Resonance apparatus Photoelectricity,Auto titrator,Basin,Beaker of different capacity,Bunsen burner,Chemical Balance,Clamp and boss head
Large Diameter Digital Caliper With Matric Reading-0.
Tenders are invited for Digital Caliper Range: 0-6 Inch 0-150 Mm Code No.
A tip: Use a dial or digital calipers and a flat surface to measure the sight or notch location, then clamp the slide in a vise (padded, of course), and drift it the correct direction.