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a data transmission rate

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maximum digital bandwidth that is achievable over the path decreases as
As the digital bandwidth (throughput of data per second) of the Internet increases, NASA and other government agencies are testing the feasibility of video-conferencing over the Internet, using the MBONE informnation Web that is a subset of the Internet for video-conferencing, just as the World Wide Web is a subset (vastly larger, at this point) of the Internet for hypertext.
This eliminates the need for IF digital bandwidth hardware when performing 802.
Best of all, video production and digital bandwidth costs are falling, making video website building more accessible.
LeCroy's 30 to 45 GHz 8 Zi-A models make use of sixth generation Digital Bandwidth Interleave (DBI) to effectively and reliably extend bandwidth without the deleterious effects of bandwidth "boosting.
Weigel Broadcasting's innovative use of digital bandwidth offers broadcast stations new revenue-generating sub channels and provides viewers with great alternative channel choices," said Steve Bunke, Vice President of North America Sales for SES WORLD SKIES.
New Generation of Digital Bandwidth Interleave Technology to Use New Chips and Techniques
SES AMERICOM-NEW SKIES applauds this innovative use of digital bandwidth and we look forward to enabling MGM and Weigel Broadcasting to take THIS TV wherever they want to go, as digital conversion opens up additional space for affiliates.
4 megabit digital bandwidth and significant opportunities for mobile digital television broadcasting.
With older MPEG-2 compression technology, acceptable HD video quality cannot be achieved with the reduced digital bandwidth.
The BroadLogic TeraPIX video processor is the cable industry's best path to tripling their digital bandwidth while sustaining the cable-ready competitive advantage they enjoy today," said Danial Faizullabhoy, CEO, BroadLogic.
The Infinera DTN is architected to combine the scalability of high- capacity DWDM transport, the flexibility of digital bandwidth management, and the intelligence of digital GMPLS network automation in a single platform.
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