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(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ

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BANGOR Cathedral organist Andrew Goodwin will play Olivier Messiaen's epic of four meditations for organ, L'Ascension on the Phoenix Digital Organ in Bangor Cathedral tomorrow at 6.
It was at this show that the first Technics models -- the SX-U90 deluxe spinet digital organ and the SX-K100 and SX-K200 keyboards -- were debuted and met with overwhelming success.
His skills has also seen him involved in the development of the first digital organ in Germany with Hohner, and he has recently produced a CD called, Some Enchanted Evening.
It deteriorated in the 1980s and 1990s, and for the past 10 years the church has used a digital organ instead.
The parish council at St David's Church wanted to mothball the 'unreliable' instrument and buy a pounds 23,500 electronic digital organ, to save costs.
Jon has worked in cabaret alongside internationally known names and was also involved with the development of the first digital organ in Germany with Hohner.
Out is going the ageing Conn theatre organ and in is coming a newly purchased state of the art three-manual Allen digital organ.
Announcement of competition: Digital organs in South Innherad deanery
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