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a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

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Yutaka Nakagawa, president of the Sony digital imaging business group, told reporters the company "will target for at least 20-25 percent of the world digicam market, and even a higher share as far as DSLRs are concerned, by making the most of its advantage," i.
Plenty of gadgets now boast digicam add-ons but few have so many features: The Clie comes with built-in flash and auto-focus as standard, plus red-eye reduction and a self-timer.
The package, available to all Fujifilm Frontier Digital Lab System, Aladdin Digital Photo Center, and Printpix DigiCam Picture Center owners, includes countertop displays, in-store signage, door stickers, window banners, and more.
Such features are usually found only in higher-priced SLR cameras or camcorders rather than a point-and-shoot digicam like the E1050.
html About Digital Cameras A digital camera or digicam is an optical device used to encode images and videos into a digital format.
Tenders are invited for Drawing colour photographs for power station : Photo using digicam & soft copy in to cd services general-hiring-photography photography using digital camera & soft copy in to cd, Ser gen hire video shooting occasional services general-hiring-video
Poor old John looks a shadow - OK, a pretty substantial shadow - of his former confident and incisive self, falling over his words as he hams a take into a blurry digicam from a toilet in Tehran, or wherever he sends these faltering reports from.
The animation sees Beryl, who has recently been given a Digicam, attend the wedding of her friend Mandy to record the event for posterity.
right arrow] All right, all right, it may be another 4-megapixel digicam, but it's incredibly slim and stylish.
Just look at some of the gadget magazine covers: Beautiful, scantily clad young women suggestively holding a PDA or a digicam.
html About Digital Cameras A digital camera or a digicam is an optical device used to encode images and videos into digital format.
Contract awarded for Computer Desktops, Printer and Digicam for Infra Dep~~t Use
Current Digicam or photos on your mobile can be several megabytes in size, sometimes too big when you need to just quickly show one or two photos.