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any substance that promotes digestion

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The sight of two giant packets of digestive biscuits caused a stir yesterday in Birmingham city centre.
INGREDIENTS 100g good-quality white chocolate 150g good-quality dark chocolate 225ml whipping cream STOCK SYRUP 1 litre cold water 300g caster sugar 1 lemon 1 orange 1 cinnamon stick 1 bay leaf PRALINE60g flaked almonds 60g caster sugar THE REST Six slightly unripe Conference pears Juice from one lemon Vanilla ice cream Six digestive biscuits METHOD 1.
Bakels, one of the UK's leading suppliers of bakery ingredients, offers bakers a digestive biscuit crumb that makes an ideal base for bakers to produce an extensive range of desserts for both their coffee shops and takeaway business.
I remember reading I was as interesting as a digestive biscuit, a soggy one at that''
Raspberry Seduction has a digestive biscuit base with vanilla cheese batter and sauce, and is sprayed with chocolate coating and topped with mousse, chocolate curls and raspberry drizzle.
Llanrwst-based Scilicorns Bakery has begun production of a new digestive biscuit using wheat grown in the Conwy Valley.
I love the floral scent - a change from that digestive biscuit smell.
Activity flags up the fact that a packet of Walkers crisps contains the same amount of salt as a slice of bread and less saturated fat than half a chocolate digestive biscuit.
On her 98th birthday, outside Clarence House, her London home, she received an extraspecial birthday gift from two-- year-old Nathaniel Hess - a half-eaten Digestive biscuit - and ever-gracious, she thanked him and even pretended to take a bite.
Doves Farm Foods has launched a new organic biscuit and repackaged its original Doves Farm Digestive biscuit and Fruity Oat biscuits.
While I still long for the day when a contestant will look at the surprise ingredients they're given and present the judges with something as randomly original as a digestive biscuit sandwich containing tiger prawns and a raspberry, what they do turn out
artist Paul Eugene Riley with his McVitie's Digestive biscuit sculptures in Victoria Square.
Snackers partial to a digestive biscuit with their cheese will find a version especially for them among Jacob's new savoury biscuits additions.
New Organic Digestive Creams are rectangles of the Doves Farm wholemeal digestive biscuit, sandwiched together with a natural vanilla cream filling.
SURE to please everyone, this delicious combination of toffee and banana flavours is set on a crunchy digestive biscuit base and would be a perfect contribution to the cake table at a school fete.