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any substance that promotes digestion

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This recipe was passed down through generations and now Michelle makes the digestif, named Ludovici Limoncello after her relative, in the traditional way at her home in West Thirston and, following the sale of a test batch, she's launching the brand at the trade event, alongside her batch of Ludovici oils which also promise to capture the essence of Italy.
The book is divided into various dinner courses, from aperitif to digestif, during which two brothers and their wives await the entree into the real reason for the dinner.
Le poisson est une source saine de proteine qu'il faut regulierement consommer: Prendre un jus d'orange au petit dejeuner tous les matins eviterait le developpement de cancers du tube digestif.
La Republica+ s'interesse, de son cote, a l'evacuation de l'ex-president Alberto Fujimori, condamne a 25 ans de prison pour corruption et crimes contre l'humanite, vers une clinique suite a la deterioration de son etat de sante et la perte excessive de poids a cause de problemes dans l'appareil digestif.
By the time the digestif is served, the Lohmans' veneer of respectability and morality has been stripped away.
By now, I was experiencing a temporary state of meat madness, which must explain the unorthodox digestif combo.
The food is typically Caribbean, with barbecued meats, rice and plantain featuring heavily on menus and the digestif Mama Juana dished out after meals.
HAVING knocked in a profitable Boxing Day in the Championship last week we'll order up a digestif for New Year's Day, writes Sean Gollogly.
90 leva and shots of grape- and plum-based rakia, the Balkan digestif, start at 2.
OFTEN CONSIDERED A "MAN'S DRINK," THE SPIRIT OF choice in professional circles and at cigar bars, or as a digestif, Scotch whisky in recent years has broadened its appeal across gender, occasion, and the global marketplace.
When ordering the check, ask for a cafe blanc (LE 10), a Lebanese alcohol free digestif of hot water flavored with rose and citrus peel, a good drink to finish your meal with.
Drink it alone as a digestif after dinner or with sweets, fresh fruit or soft cheeses.
uk - a digestif of sloe brandy/ whisky/ gin or vodka with every two-course meal.
Palinka, a fruit brandy, and the herbal digestif liqueur Unicum are good to share with friends.
As a digestif, Limonce's sherbet-like lemony taste appeals, but limoncello's use as an ingredient for desserts and puddings has also recently been highlighted by Nigella Lawson.