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abnormally enlarged thyroid gland

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Most common presentation is solitary nodule 58% followed by multinodular goitre 22% and diffuse goitre 20%.
Clinical Diagnosis MNG 22 DIFFUSE GOITRE 20 SOLITORY NODULAR GOITRESS 58 Note: Table made from pie chart.
The patients were classified according to the preoperative clinical diagnosis into those presenting with clinically STN, diffuse goitre and MNG.
The above table-8 shows that the number of multinodular goiters increased postoperatively after histological confirmation, as some cases diagnosed to be SN or diffuse goitre were found to be MNGs, but none of the case diagnosed preoperatively as MNGs proved otherwise.
The operative procedures undertaken were tailored according to the type of thyroid disorders and included lobectomy with isthmusectomy (for clinically solitary nodules in the ipsilateral lobe with benign FNAC), subtotal thyroidectomy/total thyroidectomy (for bilateral nodularity, diffuse goitres, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and Graves' disease), and near- total thyroidectomy (for solitary nodules in the ipsilateral lobe with inconclusive FNAC or cold nodules on thyroid scan).
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