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when light passes sharp edges or goes through narrow slits the rays are deflected and produce fringes of light and dark bands

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An algorithm for constructing 1D diffractive optics using tiling has been presented.
a worldwide leader in diffractive optics technology, recently demonstrated a revolutionary virtual pen for text input at CommunicAsia, Singapore.
Since completing the petawatt gratings, Livermore has developed diffractive optics for laboratories throughout the world, numerous companies, several government agencies, and Livermore's own next superlaser, NIF.
Diffractive optics is the newest entrant into the technology, with holographic optical elements and binary optical elements being used as beamsplitters, flat lenses and wavelength filters.
You can look at the individual components that make up the optical computer - the lasers, the diffractive optics, the lenses, the switching devices themselves.
It includes information on mirror optics, index lenses, depth perception, smart displays, compressive displays and focus synthesis, on-axis displays, waveguide displays, diffractive optics, pinlight, and contact-lens supported near-eye displays; more on temporal resolution with 2D and 3D displays and 3D recording and multi-viewer auto-stereoscopic displays; and a new appendix on calibration.
For this, a diffuser film with diffractive optics developed by Covestro is used.
One thing that is clear is that, even if the perception of depth in both VR and AR devices is achieved using perspective shifting stereo-pairs, there is little doubt that some of the image manipulation in the HoloLens could be achieved using diffractive optics.
More specifically, chapters discuss polarized light, electromagnetic waves in anisotropic materials, description of light propagation with rays, stratified birefringent media, space-grid time-domain techniques, organic optical materials, practical polarization optics with the microscope, optics of liquid crystal textures, refractive birefringent optics, diffractive optics with anisotropic materials, and Bragg diffraction.
The dotLab([R] )mX System uniquely combines automated flow processing with diffractive optics to enable real time detection of binding events and full characterization of biomarkers through sequential probing.
Established in 1976, Spanoptic employs over 60 people as one of the largest independent precision optical manufacturers in the UK, and particularizes in spherical and aspheric lenses and diffractive optics in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelengths for applications in aerospace, security, defense, machine vision and health care.
34 papers were presented at the conference covering security holograms and applications, diffractive optics, holographic interferometry, display holography, holographic data storage and nanophotonics.