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when light passes sharp edges or goes through narrow slits the rays are deflected and produce fringes of light and dark bands

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An algorithm for constructing 1D diffractive optics using tiling has been presented.
Sony DADC's precision sensors in combination with the inherent self referencing properties of diffractive optics will make our system highly attractive not only for biomarker screening and assay development but also as the method of choice for robust, routine analysis.
In this collection of 12 papers, experts describe their work in vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, the microlens, GRIN lenses, the development of diffractive optics and its future challenges, planar optics, optical buys technology, fiber optics, plastic optical fibers, optical fiber Jisso technology, optical connectors, parallel optical links and optical interconnections in broadband networks.
DigitalOptics[TM] micro-optic solutions offer high-performance diffractive optics for semiconductor manufacturing and inspection tools including free-form, pixilated designs for source mask optimization
HSI has also been instrumental in the joint development of phase modulating LCOS microdisplays for use in phase shifting applications such as dynamic diffractive optics and digital holography.
The versatility of Axela's diffractive optics technology (dot[R]) and its direct applicability in agricultural biotechnology represents an exciting opportunity to add value and develop business opportunities in these multi-billion dollar market segments.
The issuance of this patent further reinforces the strong intellectual property position Axela has established in the use of diffractive optics to significantly improve the performance of immunoassays in research and diagnostic applications," commented Rocky Ganske, Axela CEO.
The Company has developed a proprietary breakthrough technology, Diffractive Optics Technology (dot(TM)), which enables the real-time detection and quantitation of protein binding events in complex media.
StockerYale is an independent designer and manufacturer of structured light lasers, specialized fiber optic, fluorescent, and LED technologies as well as phase masks, specialty optical fiber, and diffractive optics.