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when light passes sharp edges or goes through narrow slits the rays are deflected and produce fringes of light and dark bands

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X-ray diffraction patterns of the raw materials used in this work are presented in Figure 2.
Figures(7, 8, 9 and 10) show the X-ray diffraction patterns for the produced glass ceramic samples from soda lime glass with different percentages of titanium dioxide (0,3,6 and 10 % wt.
The diffraction pattern is effectively a grating around 0.
Furthermore, the diffraction pattern closely resembles the hologram analogy of Bohm [2] such that the rotation of crystal planes is the enfolded implicate order within the recorded patterns and is unfolded through the rotation of patterns recorded in sequence from the crystal surface.
If all of the proteins in the crystal are aligned in an identical way, forming a very perfect crystal, then all of the proteins will scatter x-rays the same way, and the diffraction pattern will show the fine details of crystal.
MatlabTM is initiated to be used to calculate the diffraction pattern of waves through multiple slits.
If the diffraction pattern is received on a detecting screen, the k-th order maximum appears on the screen in the position [y.
In a telescope free of optical faults, with its optics properly aligned, and at thermal equilibrium, a star's diffraction pattern just inside of focus will be identical to the pattern at the same distance outside of focus.
The vital clue used by Crick and Watson, which confirmed the helix, was the striking 'X' pattern in an X-ray diffraction pattern (Figure 3) obtained by Rosalind Franklin at the University of London.
Next, the influence of different crystal parameters on the diffraction pattern is discussed in more detail, including crystallite size, lattice distortion, planar faults, and chemical heterogeneity.
Instead of mirrors, the DARPA researchers are developing plastic films etched with a diffraction pattern.
They sent their samples to be imaged with the high-intensity X-rays produced at CLS in Saskatchewan, but the diffraction pattern produced didn't match to the protein.
In this case, the thickness of the layers is selected in such a way that the bright areas of the diffraction pattern coincide at the same spot.
The diffraction pattern from the cutting plane (in the arrangement displayed in Fig.
The crystallite size was determined using the most intense peaks present in the diffraction pattern.