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painful or difficult urination

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In fact, 20 per cent admitted that if they experienced symptoms like needing to pee more frequently or urgently, feeling that they're unable to fully empty their bladder, or difficulty urinating, they would "just ignore it and hope it got better by itself".
2010) noted several situations that often lead to difficulty urinating with others present.
Symptoms include frequent urination in small amounts--pollakiuria in veterinary parlance--straining to urinate, difficulty urinating, discolored urine, malodorous urine and inappropriate urination.
These options typically require multiple treatments over weeks or months, and are known to have potentially significant complications, such as excruciating pain, fainting, infection, bleeding, and difficulty urinating.
You have to see a health practitioner once you have these symptoms, especially if you have difficulty urinating," he said.
LUTS symptoms include difficulty urinating, such as increased frequency during the day and night.
They can also precipitate acute attacks of glaucoma and, in those with prostate enlargement, cause difficulty urinating and even urinary retention.
Men with BPH have an enlarged prostate, which can cause symptoms ranging from difficulty urinating and a weak urine stream to a sudden urge to urinate and more frequent urination.
That narrow scope helped avoid consequences such as rectal injury, impotence, and difficulty urinating.
Ann was informed that difficulty urinating frequently occurs after surgery, that her normal function would return, and was instructed on how to catheterize herself in the meantime.
Secondary indications were apareunia (20%), difficulty urinating (12.
But potential side effects can occur among patients with kidney disease, such as difficulty urinating and uneven heartbeats, Dr.
Warning signs include difficulty urinating and pain when urinating.
It usually only causes problems after puberty, which can include difficulty urinating, repeated infections, or pain on erection.
7 Difficulty urinating, urinating blood Urinary tract infections are common in female dogs, while urinary obstructions are more common in male dogs.