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an inability to sleep

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Difficulty sleeping and the resulting fatigue may occur due to waking up in the middle of the night because of night sweats, which are also known as hot flashes.
Days before last November's incident, he had ended a three-month tour of Afghanistan and had difficulty sleeping on his return to Britain.
Symptoms vary as moods swing from the manic phase of the illness (characterized by feelings of elation/euphoria, extreme optimism, inflated self-esteem, difficulty sleeping, engaging in risky activities) to the depressive phase (feelings of extreme guilt, sadness, anxiety, and at times, suicidal thoughts).
My son does miss a lot of school and has difficulty sleeping but I've heard that doctors are against taking out tonsils.
Scotland had the second biggest group of worriers area in the UK, with 32 per cent of people reporting difficulty sleeping.
More than 30 per cent of people have difficulty sleeping because of overactive thoughts, 13 per cent are disturbed by their partner and 10 per cent have nightmares.
She started feeling depressed, tired and irritable, had hot flushes and difficulty sleeping, and wasn't as bubbly as she normally is.
Difficulty sleeping at night or excessive sleepiness during the day can be signs of a sleep disorder that can be treated.
Other symptoms include aches and pains, lack of concentration, extreme anxiety about the baby's health, panic attacks, inability to concentrate, difficulty sleeping and lack of sex drive.
A shortfall in Melatonin can be a reason why some individuals have difficulty sleeping and taking Melatonin regularly can help individuals who have difficulty sleeping while providing substantial anti-oxidant benefits.
The victim was shaking, could not drive later and in addition to the pain of the injury had difficulty sleeping.
Symptoms: 6 You're having difficulty sleeping, you are worried and have just started a new and difficult job.
The report said children whose homes experienced minor damage were more than five times as likely to feel sad or depressed, more than eight times as likely to have difficulty sleeping and five times as likely to feel nervous or afraid than children whose homes were not damaged.
Difficulty sleeping, including for your sleeping partner since teeth grinding can be very noisy
Difficulty sleeping is familiar to people of all ages, from adolescents to the elderly.