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a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another

the passages through which air enters and leaves the body

a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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Unanticipated difficult airway management in anaesthetised patients: A prospective study of the effect of mannequin training on management strategies and skill retention.
After a break, the group is then challenged with various clinical scenarios--for example, the unexpected difficult airway or an inadvertent fresh tracheal decannulation.
Recognition and management of the difficult airway with special emphasis on the intubating LMA-Fastrach/whistle technique: a brief review with case reports.
By offering a comprehensive product line, Teleflex allows anesthesiologists to access a broad range of innovative products from the Green Rusch([R]) Lite([TM])Fiber Optic Blade, which is designed to reduce the potential for infection, to difficult airway optical systems designed to reduce force needed to intubate.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of difficult airway cart - 4 nos.
Commenting on the launch Matt McGrath, CEO of Aircraft Medical, said: "With the advance of video laryngoscopes, the definition of a difficult airway is changing.
In this study, 158 anaesthetists were contacted and asked to comment on their follow-up patterns regarding a number of difficult airway scenarios.
The structure remains in seven sections addressing basic clinical science, the difficult airway, preintubation-ventilation procedures, airway techniques, difficult airway situations, postintubation procedures, and societal considerations.
When faced with a difficult airway the gum elastic bougie and the laryngeal mask airway (LMA) may be useful.
4) The causes of a difficult airway in the pediatric population include congenital anomalies of the oral cavity and upper aerodigestive tract, trauma and cervical spine immobility/instability, infectious or neoplastic processes, and laryngeal edema secondary to extensive surgical manipulation, volume resuscitation, or multiple unsuccessful intubation attempts.
This first-edition book on emergency and difficult airway management arose from a series of courses presented by the author.
Usually a senior trauma doctor with more experience will secure a difficult airway, and if endotracheal intubation is still unsuccessful, surgical cricothyroidotomy is performed, although this is rarely needed.
The parturient with a potentially difficult airway should sometimes be intubated while awake, without anaesthesia or neuromuscular block.
LEMON mnemonic for the evaluation of a difficult airway L-ook For trauma, large incisors, large tongue E-valuate Mouth opening, inter-incisor distance M-allampati Perform a Mallampati score O-bstruction Identify obstructions in the airway N-eck Evaluate neck flexion, extension and thickness