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During the 1960s, under Heakes's tenure, ROM educators did much outreach to diverse, differently abled communities.
He also pointed out that the Paralympic committee has provided all the support to the differently abled in Qatar so that they can also become champions.
It is difficult being a differently abled person, but a lot of the difficulty lies in trying to get accepted by society, not in doing things.
To avail the assistance, one of the couples should be differently abled.
Laser Soft is a socially responsive company and has provided employment to as many as 15% of its work force to differently abled persons.
In the meantime, if you are differently abled, consider taking a holiday with Samarthyam.
In writing we can explore our feelings about white, black, Native American, Asian, Latino, disabled, differently abled, rich, poor, gay, lesbian, Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Protestant, homeless, panhandler, or mentally ill persons -- all God's children.
We need to understand the factors that make it difficult for differently abled women to engage actively.
A recent flier requesting audio submissions announced, "We want to hear about Vietnamese-American skateboarders, Tibetan-American body builders, Samoan-American hip hop, New Jersey bhangra teams, Koreatown reggae, AIDS educators, laundry workers, taxi drivers, sex workers, garment-factory workers, and high-fashion designers, transvestites, the differently abled, monks, imams, priests, and bonzes.
Tenders are invited for Making The Designated Institute Building Barrier Free Differently Abled Persons At Iiit Jhalwa Campus Allahabad Sh-Pdg Service Connection For 4 Nos 13 Passenger Lift For Cc-I And Ii Lecture Theature Electronic Library
16 ( ANI ): The 18th edition of Ahmedabad Round Table car rally saw a total of 120 cars rolling out on the city streets with unique teams of driver and differently abled and visually challenged navigators embarked on an 80-kilometer journey in and around Ahmedabad.
His success has set an example for several differently abled candidates aspiring to clear one of the toughest competitive exams in the country.
Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and Other Hands-On Learners: Advanced Survival Skills" is book two in a series meant to help educators deal with differently abled students and teach them what they need to know to deal with the world.
To support differently abled people to transact over ATMs, Braille compatible ATMs are being deployed by banks.
A grant of pounds 41,000 for Action by Differently Abled People in Tynedale will enable the charity to keep its befriending co-ordinator in post.