complete blood count

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counting the number of white and red blood cells and the number of platelets in 1 cubic millimeter of blood

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sativus and its constituent, safranal on lung inflammation (lung pathology and total and differential WBC count in lung lavage) of sensitized guinea pigs was examined in the present study.
The data of pathological score, total and differential WBC count and histamine level were quoted as mean [+ or -] SEM.
Differential WBC counts, thrombocyte counts, and morphologic assessments of WBCs and RBCs were done on thin blood smears prepared 30 minutes before examination.
The staining method used in preparing the blood films for the differential WBC counts and morphometric study was satisfactory, which allowed adequate cell differentiation.
Testing: The automated blood-cell counters in many labs perform a differential WBC count on every sample, whether there is an order for it or not.
Billing: There are two CPT codes: 85025--blood count; complete CBC, automated, and automated differential WBC count; and 85027--blood count; complete CBC automated.
Modern automated cell counters provide a reliable differential WBC count for samples that are within reference range and for those that exhibit only quantitative abnormalities.
Otherwise, a full microscopic differential WBC count may be indicated.
85007: Blood count; blood smear, microscopic examination with manual differential WBC count
85008: Blood count; blood smear, microscopic examination without manual differential WBC count
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