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interface consisting of a standard port between a computer and its peripherals that is used in some computers

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Available with Single or Dual Loop Fibre Channel as well as Ultra Wide Differential SCSI, LVD Ultra2 SCSI or Ethernet, the R1500 comes equipped with a JAVA-based GUI for easy network management.
Q: Does a differential SCSI host adapter support the ANSI SCSI standard?
Initial SuperDLT devices, expanding Quantum's reach to high-end systems, will use Ultra2 and high voltage differential SCSI interfaces, but fibre channel versions are under development and likely to be ready by mid 2000.
announced today the availability of two new drive modules for its line of DVD libraries: an 8X DVD-R drive (DVD-R7783) and a Low Voltage Differential SCSI Interface (DRM-ULV16).
Q: What restrictions do I have running a differential SCSI DLT drive with any other peripherals I might have?
Nasdaq:MSCC) a leading manufacturer of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits, announced today that its Integrated Products Group has introduced a new 27-line source/sink regulator designed to provide correct reference voltages and bias currents for low voltage differential SCSI applications.
Note that I will be using 68-pin differential SCSI.
Adaptec's PCI-to-SCSI host adapters -- including Fast, Wide and differential SCSI products -- provide scalable, high-performance SCSI I/O across a variety of processor-independent computing platforms.
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