diethyl ether

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Activity of monomer and associated species in chloroform (C) and diethylether (D) solutions.
The pellets were ground and extracted with diethylether to give crude extract (sample DE).
These surface treatments were applied in the mixture of required compositions in diethylether as solvent.
The oil was then diluted with diethylether and fractionated by a preparative thin layer chromatography (PTLC).
The reaction mixture was poured into water and extracted with diethylether.
After evaporation of diethylether, polymer was twice precipitated in methanol from chloroform solution and dried in vacuo at 40 [degrees] C for 48 h.
These involved probing the polymer surfaces with the following vapors, injected at extreme dilution: n-alkanes from hexane (n-C6) to nonane (n-C9), diethylether (Ether), tetrahydrofuran (THF), ethylacetate (EtAc), acetone, and chloroform (CH[Cl.
Chloroform and diethylether were chosen as model acid and model base probes respectively.