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In 2015, Diether was supposed to make a teleserye comeback as one of Judy Ann Santos's leading men in the TV series titled Someone To Watch Over Me.
Following Diether, Lee, and Werner (2009) we define SR as the daily number of shares sold short for a stock divided by the total number of shares traded in the stock during the same day.
For an early review that addresses dm, see Jack Diether, "Richard HI: The Preservation of a Film," Quarterly of Film, Radio, and Television 11, no.
Also, according to a 2009 Review of Financial Studies paper by Karl Diether, Kuan-Hui Lee, and Ingrid Werner, short sellers increase liquidity as a counterparty For buyers when opening a position and as a counterparty for sellers when covering that position.
In the same logical framework are Diether, Malloy, Scherbina (2002) stating that wide differences in analyst opinion can source lower return.
Webb, Richard, Diether Beuermann y Carla Revilla (2006), La construccion del derecho de propiedad.
The song was such a success that Zaragoza was dubbed the "phenomenal diva" and the song was made into a film, with her starring alongside heartthrobs Diether Ocampo and Troy Montero.
A new chamigrane-type Bromo Diether from the Red Alga Laurencia nipponica Yamada.
Correspondence concerning this article should be directed to Diether Beuermann at beuermann@econ.
See Diether Neubert, Risk Assessment and Preventive Hazard Minimization, in TOXICOLOGY 1153, 1162-63 (Hans Marquardt et al.
Lauren Cohen won the 2007 Smith Breeden Prize (distinguished paper) in the Journal of Finance for her paper, "Supply and Demand Shifts in the Shorting Market" (with Karl Diether, Ohio State and Christopher Malloy, of HBS); she also won the 2007 Barclays Global Investors Prize from the European Finance Association for Best Paper on Asset Pricing for, "The Small World of Investing: Board Connections and Mutual Fund Returns " (with Andrea Frazzini of Chicago GSB and Christopher Malloy, of HBS) and the 2007 Society of Quantitative Analysts Award from the Western Finance Association for Best Paper in Quantitative Investments for, "Attracting Flows by Attracting Big Clients: Conflicts of Interest and Mutual Fund Portfolio Choice" (with Breno Schmidt from USC).
Paint and varnishes committee member and German Institute for Standardization Torsten Diether stressed the increasing value of global standards for coating sectors such as those in the Asia Pacific region that are becoming increasingly interdependent.
La idea es trabajar conjuntamente para presentar una oferta de vuelos mejorada a nuestros pasajeros que se traduciria en beneficios para los clientes de TAM y de Taca", dice Diether Rhode, director general de Lufthansa para Argentina, Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay.
de Gruyter, 1980) 359-76, at 360-64; and Diether Hoffmann-Axthelm, "Loisys L'Evangile et l'Eglise: Besichtigung eines zeitgenossischen Schlachtfeldes," Zeitschrifi fur Theologie und Kirche 65 (1968) 291-328, at 296-309; Harvey Hill, "La science catholique: Alfred Loisy's Program of Historical Theology," Zeitschrift fur neuere Theologiegeschichte/Journal for the History of Modern Theology 3 (1996) 39-59, and The Politics of Modernism: Alfred Loisy and the Scientific Study of Religion (Washington: Catholic University of America, 2002) 117-32.
During the June press conference, DSD Financial Director Diether Buchmann said the average cost for the Green Dot trademark would drop by 5 percent when a new price list is introduced Jan.