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carbonated drink flavored with extract from kola nuts ('dope' is a southernism in the United States)

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The machines carry six products: Coca-Cola, Diet Cola, Sprite, Root Beer, Mr.
Whether or not a diet COLA ought to be included in a comprehensive budget deal depends upon the same criteria as any other deficit reduction tool: How is the burden of deficit reduction apportioned across society, and will there be collateral effects that are unpalatable?
The Tennessee Whiskey-based beverages will contain 5% abv and be available in both Jack & Cola and Jack & Ginger flavors in early March, with Jack & Diet Cola arriving in late March.
To claim your free drink, cut out the voucher to the right and take it along to your local Scottish SPAR store to claim your free 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola or Diet Cola and enjoy your refreshing treat.
Our round of drinks - a glass of white wine, diet cola, a bottle of J20, a bottle of water and ginger beer - came to around pounds 8.
Psychologist Felix Economakis and nutritionist Charlotte Watts come to the aid of 21-year-old Katy Walker, who hopes to kick her addiction to diet cola to help ease her family's worries about her health.
Drinking at least three cans of cola a week--even diet cola may lower hip bone density in women.
HEALTH warnings about the dangers of obesity appear to be finally getting through with latest figures showing Britons now spend more money on diet cola drinks in shops than on the original sugary varieties.
Calon Wen's Richard Tomlinson, said, ``So instead of reaching for that diet cola or other sugary drink, we're recommending slimmers reach for a natural and healthy glass of organic milk.
The researchers offered a group of women tastes of pineapple juice, tonic water, beer and diet cola -- then asked which drink they would order in a restaurant.
For many diners, ordering Ruby's Skinny Fries has become a caloric balancing act, kind of like ordering a diet cola with a slab of chocolate cake.
Virgil's Real Diet Cola is a classic cola recipe made naturally using the finest cola ingredients and contains no artificial sweeteners.
An integrated marketing effort kicks off today to encourage consumers to taste the diet cola through sampling, advertising, coupons, retail promotions and social media activations.
Using fruit juice or diet cola to make chocolate also reduced sugar content.