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Fact: Polyglycol compressor fluids are generally blended with one of two types of Esters: Polyolesters or Diesters.
Small signals due to diester P and pyrophosphate were detected for all samples.
Diester J, 2009 Geheimakte Regierungsbunker: Tagebuch eines Staatsgeheimnisses (Verlagsanstalt Handwerk, Dusseldorf)
Concentration and percentage (in parenthesis) of diester astaxanthin (DA), moncester astaxanthin (MA), free astaxanthin (FA), and total astaxanthin (TA) in hepatopancreas of the giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii 7 days after astaxanthin injection at 1.
2005) showed that the usual mixtures of monoester preen waxes of Calidris canutus (Linnaeus 1758) at the beginning of incubation are replaced by mixtures of less volatile diester waxes, probably more difficult to smear onto the plumage; they set forth the hypothesis that diester waxes reduce bird smell and thereby reduce predation risk.
Crocin, a diester of crocin with gentobiose, is the single most important saffron pigment.
The European Commission approved, on 8 January, the acquisition of the Belgian oleochemicals producer Oleon by the French biodiesel manufacturer Diester Industrie SAS, controlled by oilseeds groupaSofiproteol.
Various monoester, diester, and polyester lubricants for thermoplastics and elastomers.
In this organic fraction, chemical P forms such as diester P have been reported, which is easily biodegradable in the soil and is associated with high OM content (Escudey et al.
The acetoxymethyl ester of calcein is a lipid-soluble fluorogenic diester that passively crosses the cell membrane in an electrically neutral form, when then it is converted by intracellular esterases, which are active only in entire cells, into the negatively charged, green fluorescent calcein [18].
8) A variety of HALS compounds is available where the most important group is difunctional piperidine derivatives linked by diester, as shown in Fig.
Alguns compostos, como acidos nucleicos e fosfolipidios com ligacao diester, possuem estrutura quimica que facilita sua decomposicao, sendo facilmente mineralizaveis e, por isso, as quantidades armazenadas no solo sao pequenas.
The generation of diester was not observed under the given conditions.
Recent studies involve investigation of reduced polarity medium effects on metal catalyzed phosphate diester cleavage that provide extremely reactive model systems for RNase and DNase enzymes.
Technip, a leading provider of engineering, technologies and construction services to the oil/gas and petrochemical industry, recently announced that French biodiesel producer Diester Industrie has awarded the company a turnkey contract for a biodiesel unit to be built in Montoir-de-Bretagne, France.