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Signals corresponding to terephthalamide diester (I) units, DA units, and the segments derived from reaction between [H.
Low concentrations of diester P reported in some soils have been attributed to the preferential mineralisation of diester P compared with other more stable organic P forms (Hawkes et al.
All species made some kind of wax switch, but to the researchers' surprise, the birds kept preening with the diester wax while they incubated eggs.
Comparison of the results for fragmentation of different diesters of MMA demonstrated that the n-butyl derivative provided the best specificity for MMA vs SA, whereas the n-amyl derivative showed better sensitivity but less specificity than the n-butyl diester (Fig.
An interesting example of a medium ring with torsional constraint groups was presented by the observation that the nine-membered ring, cyclic ethylene glutaramide, could be made by reaction of ethylenediamine and a diester of glutaric acid in a heated solution of an oxygen-containing solvent (Lippert & Reid 1939).
It is the product of the transesterification reaction between ethylene glycol and the methyl diester of naphthalic acid.
Also outside Compiegne we had the opportunity of visiting Robbe, a company that specializes in processing technical oils, in particular colza oil to make Diester, the `diesel' fuel for vehicles.
Clearly, the ring-opening copolymerization reaction of monomer [epsilon]-caprolactone and D,L-lactide has been verified by the following two facts: the first noticeable change that occurred during the reaction process is that the absorbance band of both monomers at 1766 cm _l corresponding to the cyclic diester C=0 stretching vibration disappeared, alongside with the appearance of another sharp and strong absorption band at 1741 [cm.
For each child i we estimated the daily intake (DI) (micrograms per kilogram per day) of each phthalate diester p at sampling time t as:
Comments: Arlasilk Phospholipid PTM is a coconut-derived multifunctional phospholipid complex composed predominantly of diester phosphatides with multiple medium chain groups.
An alternative approach is to introduce the sulfate group at the monosaccharide stage as a protected sulfate diester.
French engineering contractor Technip recently announced that Diester Industrie has awarded the company a turnkey contract to build a biodiesel production unit based on the Axens process outside of Compiegne, France.
Zosteric acid (p-(sulfo-oxy) cinnamic acid, ~95% zosteric acid and its sodium salt, ~5% impurities consisting of residual sodium chloride, diester of zosteric acid/coumaric acid and diester of zosteric acid) was synthesized in our own laboratory from p-coumaric acid (98% pure) and chlorosulphonic acid (99% pure).
g], (b) [degrees]C [degrees]C Plasticizer Rubber Plastic None -41 +10 Polyurea grease -47 -1 Paraffinic oil -46 -5 Naphthenic oil (Cyclolube 213) -48 -5 Naphthenic oil (Cyclolube 4053) -50 -5 Naphthenic oil (Cyclolube 410) -51 -5 Amoco 9012 polypropylene -45 -10 Alkylalkylether diester glutarate -55 -11 Diisocctyldodecanedioate -56 -14 Dioctyl sebacate -60 -18 Dioctyl azelate -60 -22 Diisooctylnonyl adipate -64 -24 Butoxyethyl oleate -66 -20 n-butyl oleate -71 -24 n-butyl tallate -70 -24 Isooctyl tallate -75 -26 Plasticizer Tm, [degrees]C [X.
This study showed a much wider range of orthophosphate monoester to diester ratios than those typically reported in the literature.