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He said older diesel trains would only become available when newer trains were brought in on routes like the Great Western line.
However, he said Wales was competing with both Scotland and Newcastle for replacement diesel trains.
19 received the last modernised diesel trains, thus, the project on upgrading 19 diesel trains co-financed by the EU Cohesion Fund was completed.
As the election approached, the looming shortage of diesel trains in northern England was pinning ministers into a corner.
But a Northern Rail spokesperson said that electrification works at locations such as Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds could free up more diesel trains to provide an improved service from Teesside.
Instead, they waste pounds 70m on a tram scheme, millions on exhibitions and electrifying routes adequately served by diesel trains.
Now he wants to give Bombardier a pounds 120million deal to turn diesel trains into electric ones.
Such growth of faults per wagon could be attributed to the aging of electric and diesel trains (gears, engines and etc).
These are 25 years old and, like most diesel trains of this age, have hot water radiator heaters installed under some of the seats with fans that then blow warm air throughout the train carriage.
New class 172 diesel trains to replace the existing class 150 diesel multiple units in the Birmingham area by July 2010.
The company said it is speeding up the introduction of WiFi to its 41 electric and diesel trains, which link London King's Cross with the East Midlands, North East England, Yorkshire and Scotland.
The 125 mph Voyager diesel trains, which cost pounds 390 million, have faced a series of setbacks since they were fully brought into service in September 2002.
New-generation high-speed trains and diesel trains are not authorised to generate more than 88 decibels, whilst the noise limits for other types of rail convoys are even lower.
It has 1,424 passenger trains consisting of 336 units of electric train (only 193 units are fit) and 110 units of diesel trains (only 85 unit fit), and 11,367 cargo cars.