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The transaction follows a similar one in 2004 when JR West sold 12 used diesel train cars to the ministry, it said, adding it has also sold such train cars to Thailand and Malaysia.
Passenger Electric train Diesel train coaches wagons wagons 2006 147 89 130 2007 144 96 130 2008 141 77 140 2009 144 80 117 2010 138 86 117 Note: Table made from bar graph.
GNER, which provides communication signals via a roof-mounted satellite dish and mobile phone antenna, using 3G and GPRS technology, is currently fitting WiFi equipment to its 11 diesel train fleet at its Craigentinny depot, Scotland.
Agreement of the owners of GNER's leased diesel train fleet to spend GBP75 million on upgrade, plus the supply of 3 additional diesel train sets to the same specification.
One of the most popular features of the museum is the miniature diesel train - dubbed the Goleta Short Line - that takes adults and children alike on a one-third-mile trip around the landscaped grounds.
An innovative technology to capture and treat emissions from diesel train locomotives is being unveiled today in Roseville as part of a project to demonstrate the system's effectiveness in improving air quality near working rail yards.
The Head of Government stressed that the diesel train, which will circulate along the Chernivtsi-Lviv-Chernivtsi route, had been manufactured by the Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works: The plant used to work for Russia.
The train had to be pulled clear by a diesel train.
After York, a diesel train will take passengers back to the capital.
Toshiba and Chinese major diesel train maker Dalian Locomotive & Rolling Stock Works signed an agreement in Dalian on Wednesday to establish the venture, Dalian Toshiba Locomotive Electric Equipment Co.
A spokesman for Virgin Trains said: "It is believed the root cause was due to fumes from a diesel train, which was not a Virgin Train, was detected downstairs in the station and set the alarms off.
37am Carlisle to Lancaster service, believed to be a diesel train pulling two carriages.
It's back to the future as Guard Brian Cox of the Weardale Railway, gets a steam train away at Frosterly Station - and right - a diesel train pulls into Frosterly in the beautiful countryside.