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2 -- color) The diesel locomotives of the Verde Canyon Railroad are from the 1950s.
EMD) headquartered in LaGrange, Illinois, USA was awarded a diesel locomotive contract for 300 locomotives from the China Ministry of Railways in September 2005.
Luhanskteplovoz produced 10 sections of 2TE-116UM diesel locomotives for a Mongolian order in March, thus bringing the 1Q11 production number of this item to 22 units, as announced by the company a month ago.
Photo: (1--Ran in Conejo and Simi only--color) The high-tech Regio Sprinter passenger train, right, provides a contrast to a diesel locomotive in Fillmore.
Paribus-Group's rail-asset-management company northrail GmbH (northrail) has taken over the asset-management of a portfolio of 26 Vossloh heavy shunting diesel locomotives from Amsterdam-based locomotive leasing company Mitsui Rail Capital Europe B.
A pair of diesel locomotives in the service of the Conway Scenic Railroad pulls modern-day tourists in refurbished Pullmans up the Notch, across the narrow Frankenstein Trestle and into Crawford Station.
The ALECS includes a stationary emissions treatment unit that is connected to diesel locomotives with flexible ducts and a hood designed to fit over and attach to the exhaust stacks.
The acquired are as follows: - Diesel locomotives 60 pieces, - Option of up to 100 diesel locomotives.
Rides are aboard vintage trains powered by steamlined diesel locomotives built in 1949.
Diesel locomotives are an essential mode of transportation for moving industry, freight, consumer products and people in virtually every country around the world.
Tenders are invited for Designing, Manufacturing, Assembling And Supply Of Components Including All Brake Rigging Arrangement Of Wdm3d Fabricated Equalizer Less Bogie Frame Of Alco Diesel Locomotives At Diesel Locomotive Shed, Malda
He has been the general manager of both freight and tourist railroads, a designated supervisor of locomotive engineers, as well as an engineer and mechanic on both steam and diesel locomotives.
The government is planning to electrify 35,000 km of rail line in the next three years to do away with diesel locomotives and save nearly Rs 16,000 crore foreign exchange a year on fuel imports.
Last year, Bombardier's production facilities in Kassel built a total of 153 electric and diesel locomotives for the German and the international market.
Setting up of a traction alternator manufacturing factory for high horse power Diesel Locomotives at Vidisha.