fuel oil

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a petroleum product used for fuel


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Ankara's increased interventions into and controls over smuggling from Syria into Turkey -- with the main priority of course being on stopping diesel fuel oil from coming in -- has struck a deadly blow at economies along the border.
SPRINGFIELD - Investigators are trying to determine what caused 500 to 700 gallons of diesel fuel oil to leak onto the ground from an underground storage tank at PeaceHealth's new hospital.
The vehicles were damaged by diesel fuel oil aboard the MV Faust during the storm on Nov.
Industrial biofuels from XcelPlus Global meet ASTM standards for Biomass Renewable Diesel Fuel Oil for Power Generation, allowing them to replace No.
Electronic auction: supply of winter diesel fuel oil to provide round-the-clock operation of the boiler room of the lo moi of russia on water transport.
The third contract is for the construction of a 20-inch diesel fuel oil (DFO) pipeline from Jebel Ali Free Zone to Aweer Power Station.
Additionally, vehicles need not use ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel oil with this technology.
The plant will be fueled with natural gas April through October and with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel oil the rest of the year.
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