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German engineer (born in France) who invented the diesel engine (1858-1913)

an internal-combustion engine that burns heavy oil

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Bioassay-directed fractionation and Salmonella mutagenicity of automobile and forklift diesel exhaust particles.
Compressed natural gas, the second most readily available alternative fuel that is suitable for both new engines and retrofitted older engines, is several times less efficient than diesel and several times more expensive, and it involves higher engine maintenance costs.
Diesels will continue to rule in terms of buyer popularity, while hybrids will hold sway on showroom floors.
If you're interested in an even more powerful diesel engine, Volkswagen's Touareg is worth attention.
The traditional way is to use either a rubber-tired or crawler-mounted material handler driven by a diesel engine.
In 2004, roughly 70 percent of the 25,000 school buses in California ran on diesel fuel and four percent predated the 1977 model year.
Chapter Four 2009-2014 Global and China Market of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) 4.
It took us about three years between start of BLUETEC product development to start of production," said Joachim Schommers, head of passenger car diesel engine development for DCX.
Part V Diesel Generator Set Marketing Channels and Investment Feasibility
Despite all the recent and projected improvements to diesel engines, there still will be some emissions.
Though optimistic that the lung technology could lead to a fleet of cleaner diesel vehicles, Sekar admits that environmental and technical obstacles remain.
The new Turbo Diesel engines are in full production at the Cummins MidRange Engine Plant in Columbus, Ind.
North America, Western Europe markets to rebound Demand for diesel engines will rebound through 2017 in Western Europe, the second largest regional market, supported by a recovery in the area's economy following the debt-related recessions experienced in many nations in 2012.
Whether or not this happens, the people at Dagenham are crossing fingers that the future is diesel, at least in Europe.
Vin Diesel has used those oaklike arms of his for a number of tough assignments: playing fighting men in such movies as ``Pitch Black,'' ``Saving Private Ryan'' and the new car-racing-and-crime opus ``The Fast and the Furious''; making a struggling actor's living as a nightclub bouncer in his native New York City; even for writing a few of his own films.