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pipiens metamorphs, we found that its expression in the tadpole diencephalon was increased 5-fold in animals exposed to UV-B (Figure 3B).
As in the tadpole diencephalon (Figure 3B), BAI3 mRNA levels were increased by UV-B treatment in the metamorph hypothalamus (Figure 4C).
During early tadpole development, the diencephalon undergoes substantial restructuring, and the regulation of intercellular communication is essential for proper development and survival (23).
Additionally, UV-B is a known carcinogen, and in both the tadpole diencephalon and metamorph hypothalamus BAI3 expression appears to be sensitive to UV-B treatment, producing a significant increase of expression.
3]-regulated in the Xenopus gene expression program for neural development and thus is associated with changes in the diencephalon during metamorphosis (23).