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a material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity

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The board uses three materials, Nelco 4000-13EP, Nelco 4000-6 and Rogers 4350B, allowing comparisons among different dielectric materials.
and Cuming Microwave Corporation announce that dBm Technical Sales, their manufacturer rep in the New England territory for flat sheet microwave and dielectric materials, will now represent the company for Free Space Anechoic materials, as well as turnkey anechoic chambers.
Researchers at SEMATECH and University College London (UCL) identified a potential cause of the tendency of novel dielectric materials to capture electrons and holes, making the performance of advanced devices unstable.
Dielectric materials for wireless communications applications must have high dielectric constant, low loss, and temperature stability.
Ju and coworkers, presents a dry-etch process for metal/high-k gate stacks to solve integration problems created by wet-etch removal of high-k dielectric materials in transistors.
The study also addresses the cost of goods sold for high capacitance BME MLCC as well as the supporting markets for ceramic dielectric materials, nickel electrode powders and pastes and copper termination powders, flakes and pastes.
In the future, OTFT-based UHF RFID may also depend on a better match between the semiconductor and dielectric materials used.
a manufacturer of dielectric materials for the semiconductor and flat panel display industries, announced today that it has raised a new financing round to expand its operations.
The Producer HARP system helps overcome one of chipmaking's greatest challenges, the slowing progress of transistor performance in sub-90nm designs, by offering chipmakers a cost-effective solution to fill shrinking structures with specialized dielectric materials.
The study includes a granular analysis of the global markets for ceramic, aluminum, film and tantalum raw materials, including ceramic dielectric materials, etched anode and cathode aluminum foils; metalized plastic films and capacitor grade tantalum powder and wire.
To achieve considerable cost savings on the bill of materials for passive components, our SmartDFE technology was designed to enable the use of lower cost dielectric materials and connectors," said Kevin Donnelly, vice president of engineering for Rambus Inc.
a privately held company, is uniquely able to address the solutions needed for the next generation wireless devices by combining its patented tunable RF and microwave dielectric materials technology with its highly integrated 3D miniaturized circuit and module design.
These projections are based on findings from Kline's syndicated analysis titled DIELECTRIC MATERIALS IN SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES TO THE SUB-0.
The industry's previous inability to deploy silicon dioxide or other dielectric materials into GaAs device technologies had prohibited the incorporation of metal oxide gate structures that are critical to the creation of viable GaAs-based MOSFET devices.