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a material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity

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Cea-leti is looking for reactive ion etching equipment for dielectric materials and gan alloys for the treatment of 200 mm diameter plates.
In detail, the new process combines metallization techniques tailored for rigid dielectric materials, including surface pretreatments before plating (including permanganate and neutralization, etching and conditioning, activation and reducer), and electroless and electrolytic plating techniques.
Electrical simulation tools should be effectively utilized to model circuit performance to identify dielectric materials and thick-nesses, circuit geometries and copper roughness.
31 -- Shocking Technologies has received notification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) that it has been awarded 94V-0 certification for its XStatic100 product, a voltage switch able dielectric material.
Using a new gate dielectric material, Toshiba has developed a CMOS transistor that reduces gate leakage current to a level only 1/1000 that of CMOS transistors with conventional gate dielectrics.
This article proposes to establish the use of the material guided wavelength as the basis of describing specifications for dielectric rod antenna fabrication and, in doing so, to provide a basic specification for the design of dielectric rod antennas from a variety of viable dielectric materials that will produce similar antenna pattern characteristics.
These power capacitors employ a range of dielectric materials, electrode material, impregnation and packaging technologies, with capacitance up to 12,000[micro]F and maximum voltage of 36 kV.
According to Andy Kirkpatrick, GaSonics' director of marketing, "Low-k dielectric materials enable a notable increase in advanced IC performance for devices with 0.
A state-of-the-art overview of high-k dielectric materials for advanced field-effect transistors, from both a fundamental and a technological viewpoint, summarizing the latest research results and development solutions.
Contract notice: Multi-reactor system of PECVD deposition of dielectric materials ("Dielectric cluster 300 mm").
The First International Symposium on Dielectric Materials and Applications (ISyDMA'2016) was held during May 2016 at Kenitra and Rabat, Morocco.
With the incorporation of surface-functionalized boron nitride nanosheets, the polymer nanocomposites exhibit many desirable features as dielectric materials such as higher breakdown strength, larger electrical resistivity, improved thermal conductivity, greater mechanical strength, and much stabilized dielectric properties when compared to the pristine polymer.
This technique can also be applied to some other dielectric materials.
Chapter topics include: dielectric spectroscopy, synthesis of different dielectric materials, characterization techniques, complex impedance spectroscopy of dielectric materials, and multiferroic property of dielectric materials.