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Actress Selma Hayek ages some 30 years onscreen as the film chronicles Frida Kahlo's life from feisty schoolgirl to Diego Rivera protegee to world-renowned artist in her own right.
Guadalupe Rivera Marin, a daughter of Diego Rivera from a previous marriage who lived there with Kahlo, said the artist painted relatively few works because of her lifelong health problems.
Address: Diego Rivera 50, Colonia San Angel Inn; Tel: (5255) 5616-1402; Web.
Istanbul's Pera Museum will feature 40 works of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, two striking artistic figures in Mexico and the world in the 20th century, as of December 23.
Kahlo's sometimes- husband Diego Rivera was himself an artist and like most of his ilk had licence to do eccentric things -- he decided to shut her bathroom for 15 years.
Figures such as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo had almost the same effect on the Arab plastic art as the Spanish Picasso and Salvador Dali.
The Lacuna is about a writer named Harrison Shepherd, and his social-climbing mother Salome, who ends up mixing plaster for famed Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, reports the BBC.
Harrison moves to Virginia in the US to join a military school, but fate brings him back to Mexico and his life takes a turn when he joins the household of the famous muralist Diego Rivera, his young wife Frida Kahlo and exiled Bolshevik leader Lev Trotsky.
They've paired up for six winners from 23 runners and join forces with Diego Rivera (7.
Those profiled include Thomas Edison, Diego Rivera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, William and Charles Mayo, and Richard Selzer, an American surgeon-writer.
The current edition lists a Diego Rivera painting of a little girl holding a doll, which was stolen from a private residence in Mexico in January 2008.
Scholarship winners: Esmelinda Asamoah, nursing at Quinsigamond Community College; Michele Dohr, nursing at Becker College; Sharon Griffen, nursing at Mount Wachusett Community College; Emily Hannen, nursing at Worcester State College; Maria Janczeksa, physical therapy assistant at Mount Wachusett; Meaghan O'Connor, speech pathology & audiology at Northeastern University; Christine Purcell, respiratory care at Quinsigamond; Diego Rivera, nursing at UMass Amherst; Heather Roland, nursing at Mass College of Pharmacy, accelerated BSN program; Cecelia Sherman, nursing at Quinsigamond.
Last year, Fiesta Latina enlivened the local visual arts scene by bringing to Eugene enormous reproductions of murals by famed Mexican painter Diego Rivera.
Henestrosa, like his contemporaries Diego Rivera and Rivera's wife and fellow artist Frida Kahlo, turned for inspiration to Mexico's indigenous traditions, which they helped make fashionable both abroad and within segments of the country's leftist intelligentsia.
Salma Hayek (above) takes the lead as Frida Kahlo, a complex character who, along with her husband and mentor Diego Rivera, took the art world by storm.