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formed by forcing molten metal into a die

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Foreign competition and alternative materials have led to job-losses as die-casting companies have been forced to close.
In a bid to stem the decline, the UK Die Casting Centre will use its own web site to raise awareness of not only zinc but also magnesium and aluminium die-casting among end-users, industry and educational organisations.
Unlike die-casting, which isn't known for its worker-friendly operating environment, Thixomolding involves no melting pot or transfer of molten metal.
Market Analysis III-55 Current and Future Analysis III-55 Chinese Die-Casting Industry - Current Scenario III-55 India - A Key Exporter of Aluminum Die Castings to Europe III-55 Strategic Corporate Developments III-55 Shanghai Cosmopolitan Automobile Accessory Co.
This industry report focuses upon the Nonferrous (except Aluminum) Die-Casting Foundries industry.
Cowie notes that Siemens has been an important partner in determining the economic feasibility and profitability of commercializing the copper die-casting technology.
Working with various motor manufacturers, the CDA has developed a new die-casting process that produces copper conductor rotors (CCR) easily and efficiently and increases motor efficiency by up to 2.
Montreal, Canada, a designer and builder of specialized die-casting machines.
Specializing in net-shape, flash-free zinc die-castings, Inventix has the flexibility to handle low- or high- volume production runs and work within very short lead times.