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United States writer (born in 1934)


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To be a Didion fan is to be a defender of the sharp and brutal edges, a champion of the dispassion, a forgiver--even an appreciator--of the simmering elitism.
Didion said it would be the first brewery in Fort Smith in many years.
After the following two tests confirmed metallic reclamation rates above 60%, the facility put- chased a Didion Rotary Slag Separa-tor/Metal Reclaimer with a variable jet burner and Conveyor Dynamics feed and discharge conveyors.
Didion "has rightfully earned the distinction,'' he said of the author of "The Year of Magical Thinking,'' about the death of her husband.
To spend time in Miami is to acquire a certain fluency in cognitive dissonance," Didion said about the gravitational political and cultural pull Cuba had on Miami and South Florida.
However, as suggested by Didion and Brown (2001), the number of synthetic refrigerants is limited since complex molecules (ones with large values of ideal gas specific heat at constant pressure) lead to decreased efficiency (large throttling losses) and require large values of superheat (to avoid two-phase compression).
After he died, Williams said she was comforted by reading 'The Year of Magical Thinking' by Joan Didion, a book written about Didion's difficulty in letting go of her husband, John Gregory Dunne.
But though this view is manifestly unorthodox, directly denying the Apostles' Creed Didion quotes on the same page, it is not the one that her religious critics most seized upon.
If any writer bids us stand still and be astonished, it is Joan Didion.
Didion writes in her memoir: "I was thinking as small children think, as if my thoughts or wishes had the power to reverse the narrative, change the outcome.
Local lit heroes (past and present): The itinerant Mark Twain; Joan Didion and catty columnist Herb Caen, both natives; and current resident William T.
Highlights include the world premiere of Brian Friel's Hedda Gabler, a new production of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and veteran actress Vanessa Redgrave portraying writer Joan Didion.
Miss Redgrave, white hair tied back and bedecked with Tiffany gold jewellery, inhabits the mind of septuagenarian film and novel writer Joan Didion, whose "life changed in an instant" on the penultimate day of 2003.
On an ordinary winter night, writer Joan Didion and her husband John returned from visiting their critically ill daughter, Quintana and sat down to dinner in their New York apartment at around 9pm.