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French philosopher who was a leading figure of the Enlightenment in France

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Total quantity or scope: This contract is for the supply, installation and teaching facilities commissioning for energy workshops Denis Diderot high school in Marseille providing training Bac Pro "Maintenance Technician of Energy and Climate Systems" and fed bts " Fluid Energy Home Automation ".
This exhibition was organized by the Ecole Normale Superieure of Lyon, French Institute of Education and Bibliotheque Diderot Lyon, in partnership with USC Shoah Foundation, the Foundation for Memory of the Shoah, the town of Lyon, the Center for the History of Resistance and Deportation, the equipment of Excellence Matrix and laboratory Interactions, Corpus, Learning, Representation ICAR.
We are glad to have you among us today and are honoured to confer an honorary PhD degree by Paris Diderot University in appreciation of your contribution and continuous support to scientific research, scholars and thinkers," Gerard said to Shaikh Sultan.
The risk is that, like Diderot, the United States and Russia's other trading partners will be disillusioned.
Diderot in particular considered posterity to be a worthy replacement for God and religion.
TESTAMENT; MEMOIR OF THE THOUGHTS AND SENTIMENTS OF JEAN MESLIER offers the first English translation of the complete work by Michael Shreve, presenting an early 18th century manifesto that shocked the establishment and influenced progressive thinkers from Voltaire to Diderot.
It is a message of hope for patients," said Pierre Amarenco, a researcher at Denis Diderot University in Paris and the lead author of the study.
In 1762 Diderot published a "Praise of Richardson" in which he portrays the effects that reading Richardson had on him.
The nine girls from Diderot Vocational School in Lyon and their French tutors Martine Founairise and Nathalie Doan attended the meeting with the Lord Mayor, Coun Chauhdry Rashid, together with their Birmingham trainers.
An historical benchmark in the concept of individual rights, The writings of Burlamaqui were influential upon the work and thought of such later philosophers and political activists as Rousseau and Diderot, as well as exerting profound influence on the American Founding Fathers and their newly emerging constitutional system of governance.
Storr's title for the symposium revealed his own inclination toward a "Global Salon," and he insisted that he wanted the generative moment of Denis Diderot and Jean-Baptiste Greuze, not the hopeless pompiers furnishing state buildings in the late nineteenth century.
What was the real significance of the 'Encyclopedie' by Diderot and d'Alembert?
Philosophe Denis Diderot penned an 18th-century novel featuring talking vaginas, while poet Guillaume Apollinaire spiced up one of his short works with incest and urine fetishism.
With Diderot's Jacques the Fatalist always in the background, and with Diderot himself regularly in the foregrounds--"one of my own particular heroes" (mine, too)--of a book by the author of the excellent essay "The Rejection of Closure," it is hard not to consider fate (or the traditional understanding of fate satirized by Diderot) and closure as sharing some ground: they are determinate, prescribed; they are everything that, as Diderot's Jacques says, "is written up above.