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communication that is suitable for or intended to be instructive

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The noncommittal poikilia of Aetna's concluding legend is manifest in many smaller instances of stylistic register, as the poem modulates between the technical and the naAaAaAeA ve, (30) but the perspectivism su shifts in register instantiate also has larger stakes in the poem, and its inconsistent attribution of human agency to the objects of scientific inquiry is its most significant gesture of allegiance with Hellenistic didactic poetry.
The idea of a blueprint formed by scientific nomenclature might be matched to analogies in both kinds of representation and, in didactic poetry, analogies can also provide the "objective correlative" of the colors and smells and emotional reactions to flowers alongside biological precision.
For her, the didactic poetry of the Augustan age is as important for the understanding of Rapin and Cowley as their knowledge of contemporary scientific research.
Didactic poetry was not generally listed by the critics as a separate genre.
Kay's volume offers medievalists, particularly those who study literature, an inventive approach to the genre of didactic poetry, including compelling philosophical interpretations of a good selection of texts.
There are four genre-based chapters, covering didactic poetry, 'Minnesang', heroic narratives (including the Nibelungenlied) and mysticism (including Mechthild von Magdeburg).
Indeed, such an esthetic may be said to typify the profusion of Greek and Latin poetry during this period as well: verse encomia and the revitalization of iambic didactic poetry (especially by Gregory Nazianzen) marked innovative moves, while the abundance of mythological motifs stressed continuity with the past (Alan Cameron).
Arnold's increasing commitment to write a didactic poetry appropriate for an aspiring commentator on the age (an aspiration that Arnold eventually realizes in critical prose) has been much discussed, but Arnold, perhaps, indicates his basic motives in a letter to Clough:
These chapters offer a detailed and conscientious examination of the notion of 'purgatory' in Middle English didactic poetry, and other literary works, such as Chaucer and Langland, appear only coincidentally.
10) That meeting is emblematic of the encounter between Rome and Greece which forms one of the major themes of the last book of the Metamorphoses, and of which we shall find another, metapoetic, example in the adoption in Latin by Ennius of the Greek (Empedoclean) hexameter tradition of didactic poetry.
Bibaud's volume of didactic poetry, Epitres, satires, chansons, epigrammes, et autres pieces de vers (1830), contains four satires on ignorance, avarice, laziness, and envy.
He repeated the devices of the Fable in The Origin of Didactic Poetry (1857), and his kinswoman <IR> AMY LOWELL </IR> imitated him in <IR> A CRITICAL FABLE </IR> (1922), but far less brilliantly.
8th century bc ) A Greek poet known as the father of Greek didactic poetry.
In other cases, chapters are devoted to "lyric and narrative traditions," with Nigel Harris on didactic poetry, Hasty on Minnesang, Susan Samples on "The German Heroic Narratives," and Sara Poor on "Early Mystical Writings.
Recovery has been impeded by the fact that today, it is almost impossible to find a single scholar with the requisite expertise in art, didactic poetry, and the classics to do Dufresnoy's text justice.