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Synonyms for dictatorship

Synonyms for dictatorship

a government in which a single leader or party exercises absolute control over all citizens and every aspect of their lives

absolute power, especially when exercised unjustly or cruelly

a political doctrine advocating the principle of absolute rule

Synonyms for dictatorship

a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc

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However, they ask we the people to tolerate this dictatorship for two months.
Dictatorships appear to be well attuned to the fact that legislatures and political parties prolong their lifespans.
They proclaim that the remaining of the Kurdistan Region President any longer is equal to dictatorship and democratic failure.
Therefore, analysis suggests that dictatorships which have excellent developmental results should postpone democratization as long as dictatorship produces economic miracles.
The novel has been a privileged genre when recounting the horrors of dictatorship in the Spanish language.
The story--based on a supposed interview with Jara de Cabezas --painted a positive picture of the dictatorship, denied the existence in Argentina of extermination camps, and covered up not only the abduction in question but the government's genocidal policies as a whole.
But there are other ways of getting rid of dictatorships.
Music and dictatorship in Europe and Latin America.
Dictatorships still abound, true enough, but in contrast to the great totalitarian empires, they lack messianic aura and ecumenical pretensions; many of them, like China, are now trying to combine the monolithic politics of the single-party state with free-market economics and private enterprise.
Since schools are operated as miniature dictatorships in which the school authorities give out the orders and the victims, the students, must unquestioningly follow those orders.
Johnson had suggested in a 1985 Commentary article that the apartheidists were another of Africa's tribes that had successfully used the state to suppress rival populations, much as victors in other ethnic dictatorships.
We pretend we care about "democracy" in Cuba--we who have supported dictatorships all over Latin America for 100 years and in Cuba itself until Fidel Castro came to power.
28, 1997, which generals thought would continue for 1,000 years, from typical dictatorships.
He is described as a key figure in setting up Operacion Condor, the coordinated repression implemented by the dictatorships of Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay (NotiSur, June 1, 2001).
From Nazism to Communism; German schoolteachers under two dictatorships.