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As these Mill Creek specimens constitute the earliest known occurrence of Dicrostonyx south of Beringia, they may have an important bearing on the understanding of the divergence of D.
Thus this single tooth is the only evidence of an "advanced" Dicrostonyx at Mill Creek.
Although today these species are tundra obligates, North American fossil Dicrostonyx sometimes has been recovered in disharmonious or nonanalogue faunas (as defined by Graham 1979, 1985; Graham and Mead 1987; Lundelius et al.
For the other three mammals the minimum number of individuals represented is three for Dicrostonyx sp.
Six of the eleven mammals (Mustela erminea, Dicrostonyx sp.
This site preserves more than just a microvertebrate fauna but seven of the eleven Mill Creek mammals have been recovered so far (lacking so far are Dicrostonyx sp.
As Mead and Mead (1989) pointed out, however, Pleistocene Dicrostonyx may only indicate boreal conditions and not necessarily tundra, just as Pleistocene Ochotona may indicate boreal conditions and not necessarily talus slopes (Mead 1987; although see also Hafner 1993).
Merkmalsverschiebung an den oberen Molaren von Dicrostonyx (Rodentia, Mammalia) im Jungquartar.