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These results indicated that selective destructive effect on dicotyledon weeds and non-harmful effect on the type monocotyledon plants like wheat.
Salient lines of structural specialization in the wood rays of dicotyledons.
Bibliography of systematic wood anatomy of dicotyledons.
Among dicotyledons the plants originating from the Americas included only 54% of the total.
The non-taxonomic group of taxa with phytotelmata is represented by members of at least 29 plant families (Fish 1983), mostly monocotyledons, but some dicotyledons can form treeholes.
The taxonomic treatments cover pteridophytes and gymnosperms, dicotyledons, and monocotyledons.
Flora of New Zealand: naturalised pteridophytes, gymnosperms, dicotyledons 4, 1365 pp.
Pectins are a family of complex polysaccharides mainly present in the primary cell walls and intercellular regions of dicotyledons [8].
After collection, fresh plant biomass was sorted out in three categories (buffel grass, herbaceous dicotyledons and other grasses), cut into pieces, stored in plastic bags and weighed.
Protoplasts obtained from the mesophyll of dicotyledons tend to be smaller than those isolated from callus or cell suspensions (OCHATT, 1993).
Although useful to predict dietary quality of free ranging grazers, the use of FN to index diet quality of browsers is controversial due to the effect of tannins (Robbins 1983, Hobbs 1987, Osborn & Ginnett 2001), which occur naturally in many species of dicotyledons.