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of Australia and Tasmania

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Sometimes misleadingly called the Tasmanian Tree Fern, the majority of Dicksonia antarctica grow on mainland Australia where the natural habitat is moist and humid.
White Dicksonia antarctica Dicksoniaceae Wolf 276 Labill.
Many palms need a mild winter to survive, such as Butia capitata, a small tree with elegant arching leaves, and Phoenix canariensis, which in a mild spot will make an impact quickly Mclndoe suggests good planting companions for exotics include Osmunda regalis, a fern which complements the Dicksonia antarctica and also enjoys I damp conditions in semi-I shade.
Even more impressive than Dicksonia Antarctica is Cyathea australis which grows on more exposed sites and at higher altitudes.
Tree fern management plan for the harvesting, transporting or trading of Dicksonia antarctica in Tasmania.
Tasmania in Australia to get the Dicksonia antarctica, tree ferns up to 60 years old, a central feature of a project at the university of Wales Brigantia building in Bangor.
But Dicksonia antarctica is a resilient species which tolerates drier conditions and light frosts - only don't assume you can plant it out in a windswept gravel garden.
Popularised by the Chelsea and HOME TRUTHS John Humphries Not surprisingly, some found their way into protected ravines in Cornwall and also south-west Ireland, where they continue to flourish although never reaching the size of Australia's Dicksonia antarctica.
Multistemmed birch trees, Gleditsia triacanthos Sunburst, Fatsia japonica and Dicksonia antarctica, the tree fern, all feature in the beds to create a rich tableau of colour, texture and depth.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: The most common tree fern is Dicksonia antarctica, (left) which should withstand temperatures down to at least 10degF (-12degC).
Diarmuid's use of Tree Fern Dicksonia antarctica (pounds 34.
These precious spaces should be given over to the best you can afford and it doesn't get much better than the Australian tree fern, Dicksonia antarctica.
Here tree ferns such as Dicksonia Antarctica - which have thick brown trunks topped with large, deeply-cut fronds - show how their imposing shape makes them ideal for planting in groves.
If you're lucky enough to have a large garden, really make the most of this year by investing in some showstopping Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Ferns.
I am the majestic Dicksonia antarctica, otherwise known as a Tree Fern.