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tree ferns of temperate Australasia having bipinnatifid or tripinnatifid fronds and usually marginal sori

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Sometimes misleadingly called the Tasmanian Tree Fern, the majority of Dicksonia antarctica grow on mainland Australia where the natural habitat is moist and humid.
It certainly sounds as if Thoreau got off, as we say, on the sweet smell of the dicksonia, which possibly helped trigger his rush of associations.
taeda), organic compost (elaborated with wood shavings taken from the raising bays of experimental guineapigs and rats, cut grasses and vegetable wastes, approximately 2:2:1, made on the decomposition patio of the Federal University of Santa Catarina--UFSC), sphagnum (dried plants of the genus Sphagnum extracted from the swamps of Joinville, Santa Catarina State), shredded xaxim (dilacerated pseudotrunks of Dicksonia sellowiana Hook.
Other exotics include the tree fern, Dicksonia antarctica, another popular species in the contemporary garden which is particularly suited to smaller spaces as it's slow growing.
The Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens friends group will be planting a Dicksonia tree fern.
Large spectacular tropical ferns, such as Dicksonia squarrosa, are so demanding of moisture that even their trunks need to be watered.
Dicksonia antarctica is being "salvaged" from ancient forests that are being clear-cut for paper and packaging.
If you're in a sheltered courtyard garden, I love a hint of the exotic with Dicksonia antarctica," he adds.
The three outgroup taxa, Calochlaena villosa, Dicksonia antarctica, and Lophosoria quadripinnata, belong to the Dicksoniaceae as circumscribed by Smith et al.
Most tree ferns grown in Britain are Dicksonia antarctica, not from New Zealand but Australia.
Q Does my Dicksonia tree fern need any protection during winter?
THE fabulous hardy tree fern Dicksonia antarctica will give an instant jungle feel to your garden, especially in spring when a fountain of fresh green fronds unfold from the canopy.
And yet, take a look around the average British garden today and the commonest representative of the ferns that you are likely to see is Dicksonia antarctica, the New Zealand tree fern, so popularised by Alan Titchmarsh in his Barleywood garden in Hampshire.