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a word used in exclamations of confusion


English writer whose novels depicted and criticized social injustice (1812-1870)

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The Great Hall is the perfect venue to bring a Dickensian world to life.
Guests will be taken on a journey of Dickensian discovery from his most famous to some of his lesser-known works including readings from A Christmas Tree and The Chimes, to The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain and A Christmas Carol.
Including major works by leading nineteenth century artists including Frith, Fildes, and Hicks as well works from Dickens' own art collection, the exhibition displays the Dickensian vision in Victorian painting.
Cash converters Three properties that could work for you Page 4-5 Corve Street A Dickensian property of epic proportions Page 6-7 Georgian focus Three exquisite period properties Page 20-21 Barn beauty Manor Farm Barn - a spectacular conversion Pages 28 Arden Hill A spectacular country residence is set within 23 acres Pages 29 Property Expert Steven Lees has some advice for students leaving home Pages 30 POST PROPERTY correspondents are Alison Jones and Annie Roberts Email: PostSupplements@mrn.
CALLS were today made for an inquiry into how a child was discovered living in Dickensian poverty.
That said, I am hooked already on Little Dorrit (Amy, played by Claire Foy, above), the Dickensian yarn that's been souped-up and soaped-up like the Beeb's previous adaptation of Bleak House for those of us who like our drama twice weekly with an omnibus.
Still, at least I won't look an absolute tool as I shuffle meekly along Ascot High Street decked out like some Dickensian undertaker.
Yet the average child worker is not a Dickensian tot toiling in a sweatshop but a child working alongside a parent on a farm or in the underground economy to help feed, shelter and clothe the family.
Well known for his diverse choreographic styles and his respect for the classics, Welch (who is also Houston Ballet's artistic director) reinterprets the Russian fairy tale about a mythical bird who darts through the enchanted mists, setting it in Dickensian London, with costumes by Holly Hynes and a black-box set by Welch.
Traditional and digital animation techniques are cannily combined to create a fantastic universe of machinery gone big, elaborate and quite mad, made credible with Dickensian grit, persuasive elements (water, ice, steam of course, etc.
A further economic boom brought on by the advent of World War I saw yet more expansion, a big increase in the number of factories in the southern part of the city and a mass influx of migrant laborers searching for a pot of gold in the Dickensian slums.
Poe's text, to which literary critics attribute Dickensian ambitions, moors the mystery of the city in its dynamism and anonymity.
We have little insight on what makes the nuns--brutal authoritarians of a Dickensian stripe--tick.
Though such boys bring to mind Dickensian ragamuffins replete with floppy hats and short pants made from potato sacks, the modern Euro-dickhead wears white track-pants and weird shirts, many with mock turtle necks and extraneous panels and zippers.