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Synonyms for alkane

a series of non-aromatic saturated hydrocarbons with the general formula CnH(2n+2)

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00 (Cetearylalcohol (and)ceteth-20 phosphate (and) dicetyl phosphate) Volpo S-2 0.
00 (Cetearyl alcohol (and) ceteth-20 phosphate (and) dicetyl phosphate) Crodaderm B (Croda) 0.
00 (Cetearyl alcohol [and] dicetyl phosphate [and] ceteth-1O phosphate) Medilan (Croda) 20.
00 (Cetyl alcohol [and] stearyl alcohol [and] PPG-5 ceteth-20 & Dicetyl Phosphate [and] ceteth-10 phosphate [and] behentri monium methosulfate) Phase C Crodasone W 2.