diatonic scale

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a scale with eight notes in an octave

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There is no modal restriction as such; instead of diatonic scales one can choose 12-tone scales consisting of half-note steps.
Douthett and Krantz's essay contributes to one of the most active areas of speculative mathematical music theory: the study of diatonic scales initiated by John Clough in the 1970s.
First, his careful analysis of the Beatles recordings of their own compositions before their association with EMI reveals an emphasis on diatonic scales, and only a gradual incorporation of blues-influenced melodies, dispelling Wilfrid Mellers's earlier claim (The Music of the Beatles: Twilight of the Gods [New York: Viking Press, 1973], 55-58) of pentatonic origins of the Beatles' melodic style.
Taruskin proposes as sources for pitch organization in both Les noces and Symphonie d'instruments a vent an ingeniously constructed complex of intimately related diatonic scales, governed at a more fundamental level by the nodes of an octatonic scale.
The fingering indicated is performed easily by a student with modest hand size and capitalizes on diatonic scale patterns.