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microscopic unicellular marine or freshwater colonial alga having cell walls impregnated with silica

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Currently, a regional voucher flora is under development for lake sediment diatoms in the northeastern U.
Minimum cyanocobalamin requirements of some marine centric diatoms.
Diatoms are a highly abundant group of phytoplankton algae in freshwater and marine environments, deep-water and littoral zone of the basin (Round et al.
According to study coauthor Alan Mix of Oregon State University, "that iron then fuels diatoms, which bloom, die, and sink to the seafloor, consuming oxygen along the way.
Fossilized diatoms are what make up diatomaceous earth, an abundant, soft, sedimentary rock rich in biogenic silica, derived from diatom cell walls.
Diatoms are large and diverse group distributed throughout the world in nearly all types of aquatic systems, and are one of the most important food resources in freshwaters [22].
Although several indices had been developed to evaluate the water quality by means of diatoms (DESCY; COSTE, 1991; VAN DAM et al.
In these ecosystems, this diatoms species was associated with reproductive failures in other large-sized co-existing copepod species, Calanus chilensis, expressed as low egg production rates, low egg hatching, and high percentage of larvae abnormality (Poulet et al.
Under a microscope, carefully arranged diatoms form a dazzling display.
Until recently, photosynthetic diatoms supported the Arabian Sea food chain.
ionic species, is redistributed into the rotational and vibrational motions of the resulting HX and HY diatoms and the translational motion of the resulting X and Y single atoms.
But when diatoms divide, they produce one daughter cell that is slightly smaller than its sister.